Generics Reference Manual

for libgenerics 1.2-9                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Table of contents

1. Generics overview
    Compiling and installing libgenerics
    Compiling your own libgenerics based on applications
    Mailing list and bug reports

2. Generics Tools
    Name space generics template services
        TBuffer <class T>, array abstraction
        TSet <class T, T min, T max>, array set abstraction
        TKeyBuffer <class K, class V>, indexed array abstraction
        TNode <class T>, 1-N tree abstraction
    CString, string services
    CChunk and CArchive, data chunk services
    Short xml services

3. Metaclass Definition
    CMetaClass type
    CClass base class metaclass association
    Macros services
    Deriving a metaclassed class and testing a class type at runtime

4. Serialization Abstraction
    Chunk based serialization
    Xml based serialization

5. Meta Module Abstraction
    Meta module definition
    Meta module Importer API
    Sample code

6. Listener Abstraction

7. Generics Hierarchy

8. Limitations